Nine of the worst waistline breakfasts - and what to choose

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there are a lot of news about breakfast recently - good and bad. Some studies have shown that breakfast may not be necessary to lose weight or maintain a healthy weight, but this does not mean that not eating the first meal is a healthy habit. A high-quality breakfast can make a good start to your day - providing you with lasting energy to enrich your day, curb your cravings, and help you reduce your risk of chronic disease. Here are nine of the worst breakfast options and the best to start your day healthier.

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the worst breakfast 1: there are many other studies that show that weight loss is necessary without breakfast at all. Among the successful dieters, 78% eat breakfast every day. However, nearly a quarter of American adults don't eat their first meal on any day, which increases the risk of other chronic diseases. In addition, a Harvard study reported that men who didn't eat breakfast were 27 percent more likely to have heart disease, while women who didn't eat breakfast were 28 percent more likely to have type 2 diabetes. Eating breakfast can also give you more energy: a study found that people who eat breakfast consume more than 400 calories a day by increasing their daily activities. strong> related: 14 protein packed breakfast> 14 protein packed breakfast> Ezra Bailey> taxi / Getty Images>> worst breakfast 2 smoothie has a healthy aura, but unless you make it yourself, your smoothie may contain more calories than a big Mac and chips. A glass of Jamba juice Pb chocolate love will lose your weight with 870 calories. The chain of kale ribbean breeze contains 500 calories and 85 grams of sugar (21 teaspoons) per 28 ounces. Even the smoothies in grocery stores contain natural sugars similar to soda water. And, despite the smell, they usually just dress up as apple juice. The best breakfast option: enjoy homemade smoothies based on Greek yoghurt, frozen fruit (no sugar added) and milk.

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worst breakfast: juice or juice although calories are lower than smoothie and rich in vitamins and antioxidants, juice is not the best way to start your day because most people lack fiber filler, and Usually more natural sugar is packaged than coke (for example, a naked blender). Liquid sources of natural sugar lead to faster increases in blood sugar and insulin levels compared to solid foods with similar nutritional values (i.e., apple juice and whole apple). Juice is associated with an increased risk of diabetes, the researchers report in the British Medical Journal. Best breakfast choice: stop juicing and start eating! Choose a whole fruit and lean protein breakfast, such as a bowl of Greek berries, fresh berries or banana slices. juice: 7 other nutrition and fitness myths

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the worst breakfast 4: it bit breakfast

the smaller the breakfast, the larger the waistline. In a study published in the journal Obesity, 93 obese women with metabolic syndrome were divided into two groups, each consuming 1400 calories. One group ate a hearty breakfast of about 700 calories, then 500 for lunch and 200 for dinner. The second group was the opposite: 200 for breakfast, 500 for lunch and 700 for dinner. Result? The breakfast group lost nearly 18 pounds, while the dinner group lost 7.3 pounds. Other studies have found similar results. Researchers believe that we may become more insulin resistant in the afternoon and at night, and our bodies burn fewer calories. The best choice for breakfast: eat a hearty breakfast with at least 350 calories and at least 20 grams of protein to increase satisfaction.

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worst breakfasts 5: waffles, pancakes, bagels and muffins are common breakfast choices, but they are rich in one thing you don't want to eat at the beginning of the day: refined flour. They also lack filling fibers or proteins. In fact, a study of dieters found that those who ate an egg breakfast (rather than an equal calorie bagel breakfast) lost 65% of their weight and less abdominal fat. The authors suggest that a carbohydrate rich breakfast provides half as much fullness as an egg breakfast, making it harder for dieters to stick to their plans. Best choice: if you want carbohydrates, make a pancake, waffle or mini muffin with whole wheat flour as a side dish for your eggs.

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worst breakfast 6: egg sandwich

one of the most popular breakfast choices is the classic egg sandwich - fried egg, ham and cheese on a donut or British muffin. Breakfast sandwiches have about 300 to 400 calories (less than most bakery breakfasts), but most breakfasts have four times as many low-quality carbohydrates as proteins. Because they are usually made from one egg, they don't reach the recommended 25 to 30 grams of protein needed to increase satiety and muscle protein synthesis. Better breakfast options at the top: sandwich with two eggs and a slice of Canadian lean meat, served with whole wheat English muffins, bread or tortillas. When dining out, be sure to order an egg sandwich on a thinner English muffin and check that the breakfast "bowl" option is available.

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worst breakfast 7: specialty coffee drinks

according to the National Coffee Association, more than one third of coffee drinkers like specialty coffee drinks every day. But many of these drinks contain more than 300 calories, more sugar than a bowl of frost circles, making them more like liquid candy. For example, most 16 Ounce coffee drinks (such as Mocha, macchiatos, and frabuchino) contain 7 to 8 teaspoons of sugar, and even a seemingly healthy green tea latte, which is made from soy milk and soaked in about 14 teaspoons of sugar - more than four times the amount of sugar in the froth circle! Once your blood sugar level drops, one of your sweets of the dayAt first, it may lead to hunger and a desire for sweets. The best breakfast option: choose cappuccino or latte and shrink to a small (12 ounce) size. No cream or syrup. If you like almonds or soy milk, ask if it's unsweetened.

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worst breakfast 8: "whole wheat" or "high fiber" cold cereal food

don't let the saying of "made in whole wheat" or "high fiber" fool you. A study published by Harvard University in public health nutrition suggests that whole grains may be rich in sugar, sodium and higher calories. They suggest that the best choice is grains with 1 gram of fiber per 10 grams of carbohydrates. For example, a cereal containing 30 grams of carbohydrates should contain at least 3 grams of fiber. Best breakfast options: some of the healthiest cereals over Harvard's guidelines include: Cereals plain, with 40 grams of carbohydrates and 6 grams of fiber, Quaker's old oats, with 27 grams of carbohydrates and 4 grams of fiber. "> strong> 14 protein packed breakfast>"> Siemens> taxi / Getty Images> "> the worst breakfast 9 protein and about half of the normal yoghurt natural sugar, if it is made with a traditional filtration process. However, an industry report from the non-profit organization "cornucopia Research Institute" said that yogurt has become junk food because of the large amount of sugar, artificial ingredients and thickeners added to yogurt. According to the Institute, brands that often use artificial ingredients and flavors, add 5 to 7 teaspoons of sugar to each cup: it's more than a glazed or powdered doughnut! An ounce of pure Greek yogurt contains one gram of natural milk sugar, or eight grams (two teaspoons) per cup. But some condiments contain three to four times as much as this one. The best breakfast choice: choose low sugar, protein packed plain Greek yoghurt (i.e. FAGOR and OIKOS) and fresh or dried fruit flavors.

related: which yogurt is the best for you? What do you think of molanav / iStock / Getty Images? What breakfast food do you have? Have you ever had the worst breakfast? Do you think you can change to the best one we choose for you? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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