Nuts and eight other foods containing the controversial ingredient palm oil

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palm oil is a kind of tropical oil. As a "healthier" substitute of trans fat containing partially hydrogenated vegetable oil or shortening, palm oil has gained rapid development momentum in the food industry, but recently it has been criticized badly, and there are sufficient reasons. The use of traditional palm oil helps to reduce deforestation and wildlife. While some products do use 100% RSPO certified sustainable palm oil (Roundtable on sustainable palm oil), the European food safety agency also suggests that palm oil may be related to cancer, as processing at high temperatures can produce harmful substances. In addition, palm oil is rich in saturated fat, and the recommendations of the American Heart Association must be followed to limit the total saturated fat to less than 10% of the total calories per day.

scroll to see which popular snacks and cupboard staples contain palm oil, so you'll know to keep them outside your body and kitchen.

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1. Nutella hazelnut sauce is used with cocoa, a very popular sauce with a soft, smooth and chocolate flavor that has been in use since the 1940s. Some people may think it's nutritious because it contains hazelnut, but you just need to look at the first two ingredients, sugar and palm oil, to see how much you eat. To be sure, the palm oil used in this spread is sustainable and 100% certified separated RSPO. So when using nutella, treat it as a treatment (not a regular snack) and lightly smear it. Alternatively, you can buy nocciolata organic hazelnut sauce, which is GM free and palm oil free.

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2. Snyder's Hanover gluten free pretzel stick

not eating greasy chips seems to be a wise way to reduce the calories of snacks, but replacing pretzel stick may not be the most wise choice. One of the unwise choices you think includes Snyder's Hanover gluten free honey mustard and onion pretzel stick. The pretzels contain starch, sugar and oil, and the nutrition label on the bag lists palm oil as the third ingredient. When you're tempted to snack more than you are, consider handing these pretzels to you and choosing a snack that's good for you, such as homemade popcorn. Or dip the bell pepper and carrot stick in some hummus. Muffins made from whole grains and mashed with blueberry muffins are usually better for you than doughnuts. Whole grains are usually better than processed grains. Blueberry is better than no blueberry. So, what's the problem with this whole grain mashed blueberry muffin? First of all, palm oil is in the mix, along with more malnourished additives, including the preservative butylhydrotoluene (BHT). Technically, BHT is not considered a carcinogen; however, some studies have linked it to possible cancer in animals. If that's not enough to scare you away, know that there's no real fruit in this muffin mix. These blueberries are not blueberries at all; they are artificial blueberry like pieces, including both artificial colors and artificial flavors. Instead of buying a mashed muffin, consider a simple mill muffin, made from organic flour and coconut sugar, and absolutely free of palm oil.

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4. The fruit produced by Betty Crocker foot flavor mixers, of course, you know that fruit snacks like this one will have a lot of sugar. You probably already know that there will be artificial colors, because it's stunning, the look of neon lights. But one thing you may not know is that palm oil is also included in this dessert, which means that it is not good for your body or environment. If you want to eat sweet fruit, buy a mango apple salad. It doesn't add sugar, or even better, bite a juicy peach. If you want something at your feet, put some cut fruit on a 12 inch fork. In other words, when it comes to fruit, keep it real.

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5. When you see the word "vegetable", you may think that you have got healthy food. Don't be so quick! Before buying a product like Knorr Homestyle's concentrated vegetable stock, be sure to unpack the package and read the ingredients list and Nutrition Facts panel. The stock is based on water, salt and palm oil. And the real culprit, except palm oil, is sodium. One can provide 750 milligrams of sodium. That's about a third (2300 milligrams) of sodium a day, according to the American Heart Association. Instead of this low-grade soup, try making your own vegetable soup with celery, onions, mushrooms and fennel.

read more: 6 simple noodle soup, which can let you throw away the can. Yoo Hoo chocolate beverage is a kind of beverage commonly used in primary school lunch box, which means you have to question its composition. Drinking a bottle of 180 calories of chocolate milk is not the same as enjoying homemade chocolate milk. In addition to whey (from milk) and skimmed milk powder, the drink also includes high fru corn syrup, some artificial flavors, many other ingredients and palm oil. If 35g of total sugar is not enough, there is also artificial sweetener sucralose to produce stronger sweetness. Some preliminary information suggests that low calorie sweeteners may predispose people to diabetes, especially if they are overweight or obese. If you need chocolate milk, try some nutritious non milk chocolate drinks, including a lot of protein, such as chocolate flax milk. Anji's boomchickapop dark chocolate sea salt pot corn, natural gluten free, is considered as a whole grain, is the current "it" snack. Although popcorn is a cleaner food at first, popcorn's exploding method and the things on it will cause it to lose its nutritional attraction. A blend of oil, including palm oil, is wrapped in dark chocolate colored corn in a sea salt pot. If that's not enough to keep you away, Angie's food contains 10 grams of sugar and three grams of saturated fat (about 15% of the daily intake of saturated fat). Needless to say, this sweet and salty snack is not the most sensible choice for your heart, especially when you are casually chewing more than one serving. Your best choice? holdPop your own non GMO popcorn in grape juice, avocado oil or ghee and limit its use to ingredients such as herbs and spices.

read more: 12 ways to make popcorn more exciting These include palm oil and other blends, as well as synthetic preservative TBHQ, which may be related to food allergies. Needless to say, this is dessert, not the snack advertised. Although a service bag has only 100 calories, the composition of these calories is far beyond your expectation, including countless sugars, which add up to 14% of the daily value of sugar. If you want to eat blueberries, put some frozen blueberries in your mouth - they are mini desserts, which are good for you!

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9. Bento express spice California Roll

grocery stores make it easier for you to catch food when you are eating out, especially for seemingly healthy choices like Bento express spice California rolls or any prepackaged sushi tray. Although calorie friendly, mainly plant-based, including healthful ingredients like avocados and cucumbers, there are not many other positive attributes to this meal choice. This roll is made of palm oil and white rice, which means you miss out on fiber and other ingredients that are good for your body. You can also find artificial preservatives here. If you want to eat sushi, you can take it out at a real sushi restaurant, where the sushi is fresh and there is no palm oil.

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