6 Reasons You Should Start Eating Eggs Everyday

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Did You Heard About Egg Based Nutrition?

Yes! Believe it or not, Eggs are among the Most Nutritious Foods on the Planet.

In fact, Humans have been eating eggs for thousands of years in one form or another. This could be due to the fact that these little guys pack tons of benefits (14 to be more precise) such as : 6 grams of complete protein, Folate for new cells development, Iron for healthy blood, Zinc for immune system, Antioxidant lutein and zeaxanthine , …etc.

What does all this mean? Eggs can do miracles for your health condition. Those are 6 unknown facts that happen to your body when you eat eggs.

6. Better Hair and Skin

Eggs are full of vitamin B2, vitamins B5 and B12. B-complex Vitamins help nourish and keep your skin, hair, eyes, and liver healthy. They are also high in protein, which leads to a healthy and hair. Eggs are also full of Biotin, which is a specific type of Vitamin B that is responsible of keeping your scalp healthy and encouraging hair growth as you are aging.

Eating eggs often gives your skin a supple, and a younger looking. This is because they increase blood levels of lutein and zeaxanthin, while regulating cholesterol rate. This leads to a skin’s elasticity improvment and fight against skin sun causing damage.